Executive Board

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is governed by an Executive Board comprising of senior correctional officials and experts within the field.  Below you can view each of the Board Members - clicking on their name will take you to their individual profile page should you wish to read more about them or send a message by email.

  Peter van der Sande  Olusola Ogundipe   

   ICPA President - Peter van der Sande

1st International Vice-President - Olusola Ogundipe    

Karin Dotter-Schiller  Harald Fosker 
ICPA Board Member - Magistrate Javier Bustamante ICPA Treasurer - Stephen A. Carter, AICP ICPA Board Member - Karin Dotter-Schiller ICPA Board Member - Harald Fosker
Bob Goble John May
ICPA Board Member - Robert T. Goble ICPA Board Member - Gary Hill ICPA Board Member - Dan L. Lombardo ICPA Board Member - John May
Dorin Muresan Herb Nahapiet Jose Patricio Patino Arias
ICPA Board Member - Dorin Gabriel Muresan ICPA Board Member - Herb Nahapiet ICPA Board Member - Lieutenant Colonel John A. Nurse ICPA Board Member - Patricio Patino
Peter Severin  Gabriela Slovakova
ICPA Board Member - Frank Porporino ICPA Board Member - Peter Severin ICPA Board Member - Gabriela Slováková ICPA Legal Advisor - Haim Szmulewitz
Diane Williams
ICPA Board Member - Diane Williams