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The ICPA was formed to operate as an Association for corrections and prison professionals, dedicated to improving global understanding and professionalism in the sector. As an Association, we believe that improving the professionalism and competence of correctional officers is likely to have a greater positive impact on prison conditions and the humane treatment of prisoners than most other actions. The Association is therefore not a lobbying or prisoner rights organisation but exists to provide an inclusive, safe and secure forum for the respectful exchange of ideas, technology, and best practices in the profession of corrections.

The ICPA is a highly effective and efficient way of co-ordinating international contacts on penal and justice matters as it has strong links with key players at senior levels in all the continents.

Over recent years, the Association has produced a Manual for Peacekeepers dealing with corrections; developed a Basic Training Manual for Correctional Officers; produced a Planning Manual (for facilities) and it conducted support work in 2006/07 in the Republic of Georgia and Barbados. The Association holds an annual conference, attended by some 350 delegates, and is about to embark on a programme of Regional Conferences in Africa and Latin/South America exploring issues unique to these parts of the world.

ICPA promotes co-operation and collaborative initiatives between jurisdictions in areas of common interest, staff exchanges and study visits between interested jurisdictions. We encourage, where relevant, the involvement of victims, offenders' families, volunteer organisations and others in the community in finding helpful and workable solutions to correctional and criminal justice issues. We try to enhance public education, and understanding and involvement in correctional matters.

ICPA is a non-governmental organisation in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

The Association has an internationally-regarded awards programme that recognises meritorious projects or contributions to best practice in the areas of offender management and reintegration; community corrections; training and development as well as two awards particular to the work of the Association.

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