Body Search Conference - June 2015

By Beth Johnston - March 20th, 2015

Body Search 2015

A two-day conference addressing body concealment techniques, threat resolution technologies and processes, and the use of the human body as a weapon.

Key Themes
Infiltration Techniques
Concealment Methodologies
Body Cavity IEDs
Detection Technologies
Physical Search Protocols
Animal Olfaction
Suicidal Terrorism
Drug Trafficking
Mining Theft
Prison Crime
Discrimination & Ethical Issues

Who should attend?
Airport Security Managers
Prison Governors
Customs Officials
Quarantine Officers
Government Regulators
Contract Screening Providers
Maritime Security Managers
Venue Security Managers
Museum Security Managers
Flight Attendant Trainers
Door Security Supervisor Trainers
Security Instructors
Embassy Guards
Technology Manufacturers

Late Booking Rate: £495 + VAT
As this is a UK event, all delegates will be charged VAT.

Venue : Riverside Venue, 1a Bath Road, Hounslow, TW6 2AA, UK.
(near to London Heathrow)

Preferential rates have been secured at the Premier Inn, Bath Road. Delegates also have a wide choice of other hotels in the Heathrow area.

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