Peter van der Sande nominated for role of ICPA President

By Fraser Bryans - January 9th, 2011

Peter van der Sande nominated for Role of President by ICPA Nominating Committee

Following Tony Cameron”s decision to stand down as President of the Association later this year, the ICPA Nominating Committee recommended to the Board that Peter van der Sande should be Board members” preferred nominee. This recommendation was accepted unanimously by Board members.

The election for President will take place at the Annual General Meeting in Singapore in September and a call for nominations will issue to all members in due course.

Peter van der Sande, who was recently nominated to the ICPA Board, is General Director of the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI). In declaring himself willing to be considered and to stand for President at this year”s election, to succeed Tony Cameron, Peter commented:

“I am extremely honoured to be considered for the position of President and grateful for the support of the Nominating Committee and Board members. It is not only a great honour for me personally but also recognition of the work and status of the Dutch Service which, as you will all know, has long promoted the important work of the Association.

ICPA is growing in strength and influence. I know that the principal reason for this has been the work that the Board and ICPA members have driven forward over recent years. Achieving such prominence internationally is built not on promises but on hard work and dedication and ICPA members are to be congratulated for all the work that they have done to achieve this. I truly hope that, if elected, with all your support over the coming years I can help the Association grow and expand its influence and work further. I relish the challenge of the task and the opportunity of working to advance the Association and its aims.”


Background Information:

Over ten years ago, Peter switched from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, where he worked as deputy Managing Director of a major implementing body, to DJI, an implementing body of the Ministry of Security and Justice, which is also responsible for the Dutch prison system. As deputy General Director and sector director, Peter headed the Prison System for nine years. He was appointed General Director of the entire DJI in July 2009.

As chairman of the three-member General Management, Peter van der Sande manages approximately 75 branch managers of custodial institutions, correctional institutions for juvenile offenders and forensic psychiatric centres. These institutions have a total capacity of approximately 21,000 cells. The Dutch prison system alone involves some two billion Euros.

Peter steers his organisation through times of drastic changes and stiff challenges. A process that is still ongoing concerns the modernisation of the Prison System. This modernisation is intended to reduce the recidivism figures significantly, which demands an entirely new, personal approach. This approach naturally also entails a different way of organising and working; in other words: a culture change. Within this context, great investments were made in good chain cooperation in the past years, a development that also occurred in other sectors.

About ICPA

The ICPA was formed to operate as an Association for corrections and prison professionals, dedicated to improving global understanding and professionalism in the sector. As an Association, we believe that improving the professionalism and competence of correctional officers is likely to have a greater positive impact on prison conditions and the humane treatment of prisoners than most other actions. The Association is therefore not a lobbying or prisoner rights organisation but exists to provide an inclusive, safe and secure forum for the respectful exchange of ideas, technology, and best practices in the profession of corrections.

The ICPA is a highly effective and efficient way of co-ordinating international contacts on penal and justice matters as it has strong links with key players at senior levels in all the continents.

ICPA promotes co-operation and collaborative initiatives between jurisdictions in areas of common interest, staff exchanges and study visits between interested jurisdictions. We encourage, where relevant, the involvement of victims, offenders' families, volunteer organisations and others in the community in finding helpful and workable solutions to correctional and criminal justice issues. We try to enhance public education, and understanding and involvement in correctional matters.

ICPA is a non-governmental organisation in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

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Issue Date: 09 January 2011

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