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Friday 02, August 2019

ICPA President Tony Cameron to Resign

By Fraser Bryans - January 5th, 2011


Tony Cameron Esq. C.B., ICPA President since 2004, has decided to retire as the Association”s President in Singapore next year. Commenting on his decision, Tony said:

“When I was elected for a second term as President, in my acceptance speech, I said that I did not think it was sensible or good for ICPA for me to serve my full second term, because, despite my determination to stay abreast of current developments in corrections, I was no longer the Chief Executive of the Scottish Prison Service and would inevitably become more detached from day to day involvement in managing a correctional Service. I did not want to become an anachronism and therefore thought that I should stand down about halfway through my second term. Standing down in Singapore means that I will retire one year early, having served you as ICPA president for 7 years.

“I have watched our Association grow steadily year-on-year but in Ghent it was clear that we are at a point where the pace of that growth is about to increase rapidly. This is the point where we need a new hand at the tiller and so I have decided that the time is right for change.”

Tony informed the Board of his decision late last month and over recent weeks the Board”s Nominating Committee (Gary Hill, Bob Goble and Frank Porporino) has been engaged in reviewing suitable candidates. The Committee”s recommendation, which was unanimously accepted by the Board, was that Peter van der Sande, the Head of the Dutch National Agency, will be the Board members” nomination when the election for the next President takes place in Singapore next year.
Tony concluded by saying:

“I have enjoyed my period as President immensely and I am sure that the remaining months of my Presidency, leading up to Singapore, will be equally as enjoyable. I may be retiring from my position as President but I will continue to play an active role in the Association and if he is elected, Peter van der Sande, whom I have known for many years as a valued colleague and fellow member of the International Roundtable and of ICPA, has asked me to work closely with him as the Immediate Past President. I have told him that it would be an honour and a pleasure to do so.”

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