Haiti - Disaster Relief Appeal

By Fraser Bryans - January 18th, 2010

The Haitian Prison Authority has been grievously hurt by the earthquake on January 12, 2010. The Civile Penitenitary of Port-au-Prince sustained significant damage resulting in several deaths, exact numbers still unknown. The facility was housing 4,367 prisoners. All surviving prisoners fled. A few staff remain unaccounted for. The Ministry of Justice was destroyed. Commissioner Jean Celestin, Director of Haitian Prison Authority and ICPA member, survived. The United Nations peace keeping operation, MINUSTAH, suffered collapse of the headquarters and multiple deaths including Mission Chief Hedi Annabi and his deputy Luiz Carlos da Costa. All corrections unit advisors are safe.

The non-governmental agency, Health through Walls, has been working with the Haitian Prison Authority since 2001 to support efforts of health and santitation. Health through Walls, a registered 501c3 organization in the USA, is accepting donations to be used to meet the needs of the Haitian Prison Authority. Donations can be made here here


image courtesy of Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

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