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Adaptarea la mediu penitenciar...pdf
2010, Arad Prison (Romanian) - by Burcă Cristina, Hurezan Liliana, Popa Paul
(200KB) | 12. May. 2012 | Author: Paul Popa
Churchill Fellowship Research ...pdf
Assessment of Offending Behaviour and Rehabilitation of Offenders. Programs in New Zealand, Canada and the UK, 2004 by Ross Feenan.
(298KB) | 11. Jun. 2008 | Author: Ross Feenan
Correctional Services for the ...pdf
Correctional Services for the Mentally Disordered Offender: A Challenge that merits an integrated response by Dr. Frank J. Porporino, Ph.D.
(1.2MB) | 5. Sep. 2014 | Author: Fraser Bryans
Managing The Elderly in Correc...pdf
Managing the Elderly in Corrections by Dr. Frank J. Porporino, Ph.D.
(614KB) | 5. Sep. 2014 | Author: Fraser Bryans
Reducing Recidivism Evidence from 26 Years of International Evaluations of Reasoning & Rehabilitation Programs D. H. Antonowicz & J. Parker Wilfrid Laurier University
(320KB) | 5. Feb. 2014 | Author: Fraser Bryans
Recidivism in Israel.pdf
The Recidivism of Israeli Prisoners
(1.2MB) | 1. Jun. 2015 | Author: Beth Johnston
The Effectiveness of Negative ...pdf
2011, Arad Prison (English) - by Liliana Anca Hurezan, Cristina Burcă, Paul Popa
(223KB) | 12. May. 2012 | Author: Paul Popa
UOT - Criminological Highlight...pdf
The fifth issue of Volume 14 of Criminological Highlights (November 2014) from the Centre of Criminology at the University of Toronto.
(277KB) | 6. Jan. 2015 | Author: Beth Johnston