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Place du genre dans la rèform...pdf
Place du genre dans la rèforme pènal
(731KB) | 9. Dec. 2010 | Author: Megan Bastick
The Role of Penal Reform in Se...pdf
The Role of Penal Reform in Security Sector Reform: Penal reform is acknowledged as an important dimension of security sector reform (SSR). However, SSR programming often neglects penal elements, and lessons learnt in penal reform have not been applied to other SSR activities. This paper considers the governance dimensions of penal reform, and the utility of considering penal reform from a security sector reform and governance perspective. It then gives an overview of the challenges of penal reform in different contexts. This invites consideration of how the frames of reference that guide penal reform could strengthen SSR programming, how penal reform could in turn be strengthened by integration into a system-wide approach, and ways in which SSR could more effectively address penal reform.
(445KB) | 9. Dec. 2010 | Author: Megan Bastick
Training Resources on Penal Re...pdf
Training resources on gender and penal reform - a range of interactive exercises, discussion topics and practical examples for use in training with penal personnel and administrators, and those involved in penal reform.
(807KB) | 9. Dec. 2010 | Author: Megan Bastick