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Supervising young offenders in an adult facility

forums : icpa : supervising young offenders in an adult facility

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I am currently working on a project and value your input and information. I work for the Montana Dept of Correction in the USA. Our state men”s prison is starting to get a large number of young offenders, age 16 – 25, being sentenced to prison. I am currently working with a group of folks on a project supervising young offenders in an adult facility. My work group would like to know if you folks are seeing the same trend that we are in our prison. Here are some questions my work group is interested in researching.

Are you seeing a trend in more young offenders being incarcerated in your state? The age group being 16 – 25.
Do you house this young offender population in a different area than general population?
Do you offer them different education, life skills programs, chemical dependency programs, cognitive/behavioral programs, and work opportunities?
Do you train staff on juvenile/adolescent needs?
Do you have a mentor program for these young offenders?

I found some information regarding some states utilizing an approach that creates a “third system”. Do you have any information on this third system?

Many thanks for your input in advance.

Hi Lisa,

I was wondering if you had any responses to your question and whether you have developed any specific program pathways for this group of offenders. I am responsible for the oversight of programs for young adult offenders in custody in New South Wales which is a state of Australia.

Peter Murden