2015 ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards

Recognising Achievement!

ICPA has an established Correctional Excellence Awards programme to recognize outstanding achievements of those individuals, organisations or groups whose initiatives or activities have helped to advance professional corrections and meets one or more of the following objectives of the programme:

1. To encourage correctional organisations and activities at the international, national, institutional, and community levels that promote the goals of ICPA;
2. To enhance professionalism and excellence in correctional activities at both the organizational and individual level;
3. To encourage cooperation, partnership, teamwork and the sharing of professional knowledge;
4. To encourage improved humanitarian approaches toward inmates and offenders.

Please complete the form below to submit a nomination for the 2015 ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards. You should complete the form in its entirety to ensure that your nomination is accepted and has the best chances of success.

Awards will be presented at the Association’s 17th AGM and Conference in Melbourne, Australia 25-30 October 2015.
Closing date for nominations is 30th June 2015.
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The ICPA Awards Committee will also present two further internal awards for ‘Heads of Service Award’ and the ‘President’s Award’.
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If you have any difficulties in completing your application or if you have any questions regarding this form please email support@icpa.ca