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ACA's 2019 Congress of Correction

Friday 02, August 2019

Saudi Arabian General Directorate of Prisons

Prisons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used to be one of the Police internal departments. In 1388H, a separate authority of prisons was established. In 1398, prisons law was approved by a royal assent. In the same year, HRH the Minister of Interior's decision Number 4090 dated 22/10/1398H approved establishing the General Administration of Prisons, and defined its authority and mission.

HRH the Minister of Interior and HRH the Minister of Interior Deputy have constantly taken care of prisons and prisoners affairs. HRH the Minister's decision No. 60661 dated 18/08/1421H separated the General Administration of Prisons from the Public Security and made the Directorate General of Prisons, a separate sector, under HRH the Minister of Interior's Assistant for Security Affairs.