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July 2014

Tuesday 8th

5th United Nations International Corrections Conference

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
DPKO is organizing the conference in partnership with Burkina Faso who will be hosting the event in Ouagadougou. The theme of this year’s conference is “Promoting Regional Partnerships and Best Practices in Support of Prison Programmes in United Nations Peace Operations.”

The conference will provide a special opportunity to review developments, activities, opportunities and challenges in the United Nations corrections sector, and to consider practical steps to strengthen support to national authorities in post-conflict / peace building settings. Participants will include representatives from Member States, field missions, United Nations Headquarters, United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes, and other partner organizations.

The programme will focus on the following sub-themes:

Day 1: (Partnerships)

• Establishing and leveraging regional and other partnerships (benefits, successes, challenges and examples)
• Fostering national and international political and operational support
• Government Provided Personnel

Day 2: (Best Practices)

• Gender aspects in prison programming
• Prison incident and crisis management
• Strategic importance of national and regional prison administration / leadership

Day 3: (Best Practices)

• Prison infrastructure (human rights and public safety standards, model prisons, best practices)
• Strategies to reduce prison overcrowding and prolonged detention

We understand that many of you have tremendous experience and knowledge in these areas. We welcome your contribution to this event.

If you would like to present on a specific topic above, please contact Ms. Annika Kovar and Mr. Michael Langelaar who will inform you of available time slots in the programme.

The cost of travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the participant or sending organization. Burkina Faso is sponsoring a dinner event and lunches during the conference.

Please note that French and Arabic translation services will be provided during the conference.

The official invite, programme and joining instructions will follow. We look forward to seeing you in Burkina Faso.

Sunday 20th

National Commission on Correctional Healthcare

Omni Interlocken, Denver
Correctional Mental Health Care Conference

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