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July 2013

Sunday 21st

NCCHC 2013 Correctional Mental Health

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, USA
With studies showing that half of jail and prison inmates have mental illnesses, jail and prison administrator are facing growing costs, liabilities and operational challenges. To help the correctional health care providers in their institutions meet these challenges and find cost-effective, practical solutions, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care will hold the 2013 Correctional Mental Health Care Conference on July 21-22 in Las Vegas.

The conference will focus on both persistent mental health issues that have long impacted jail and prison administrators—effective and legal mental health segregation, suicide prevention and reentry —and new challenges related to synthetic drugs, transgendered patients, dementia care and treatment for sex offenders. Correctional mental health experts will address the continuing consequences of lack of mental health care in the community and the burden this places on correctional institutions—especially in a time of scrutiny of costs and outcomes.

The conference will take place at the Paris Hotel. Attendees who register by June 21 can save up to $50. The conference is supported by the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association. For more information, visit

Wednesday 31st

WPF 2013: Partnerships in Safety

Belfast, Northern Ireland
World Police and Fire 2013
Partnerships in Safety: Building Safe and Just Societies
31 July – 1 August 2013

This global leadership conference, which immediately precedes the World Police and Fire Games 2013, will examine how political, economic, social and cultural forces might convene to heighten current pressures and create further issues in the future, and how integrated working, learning and training across the services and the globe can bring shared benefits, experiences and opportunities.

Internationally renowned speakers and experts will gather in Belfast to outline their views/research and potential solutions on issues which are global in scope and significance. The conference and associated workshops will also demonstrate how, through problem solving in partnership, the unique characteristics of each service can be retained, while also capitalising on the combined strengths of the forces.

It is envisaged that this event will provide heads of organisations, senior managers and those with a role in leadership, strategy and policy planning with an important forum for debate, and a platform where examples of best practice are highlighted.

Attendance is limited to 200 senior service personnel from across the world.

To register, please visit or email

Alternatively contact Corinne Weatherup on + 44 (0) 28 9043 4320.