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June 2013

Monday 10th

African Regional Workshop on Prison Health and Special Needs

Hotels NGOR DIARAMA, Dakar, Senegal
African Regional Workshop on Prison Health and Management of Special Needs Offenders
10-13th June 2013

The African Regional Workshop on Prison Health and Management of Special Needs Offenders which will be linked to the Meeting of the Heads of Prisons in West Africa and the Senegal Prisons Service Fair will provide an opportunity for Prison Health conditions and challenges in the Management of Special Needs offenders to be addressed with concrete recommendations to be implemented across the continent.
The following are the sub-themes to be covered during the workshop:

• Prisons Mental Health Care and Processing of Persons with Mental Disability within the Criminal Justice System and Community
• Terrorism, Radicalization and Management of Prisons
• Gender, Women’s Rights and Prison Health Conditions
• Management of Juveniles and Children in Conflict with the Law
• Prevalence and Management of HIV/Aids in Prisons
• Pre-Trial Justice and Health conditions n Prisons and Detention Centres
• Needs, Challenges and Managements of Persons with Sensory and Physical Disabilities within the Justice System
• Communicable Diseases and Management of Primary Health Care in Prisons
• Torture, Prisons and Detention Centres
• Effective Provision of Health Care for Staff of Prisons and Correctional Services

NOTE: The following Associated Activities/ Side Events are scheduled to be take place during the period of the Workshop:
- Meeting of the Heads of Prisons and Correctional Services in West Africa (under the African Correctional Services Association, ACSA)
- Senegal Prisons Fair – Displaying Products of the Prison Workshops and Farms
- Inaugural Meeting of the Informal Network of Pre-Trial Justice Advocates in West Africa
- Meeting on the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA)
- Exhibitions on Prison Health Infrastructure, Services and Technology
- Visits to designated Senegal Prisons and Gore Island

For more information contact:
PRAWA - Uju Osude, Assistant Programme Officer, Research and Documentation Unit.
Tel: +234-8162998683

Sunday 16th

ACHCPS Conference and Business Meeting 2013

St. Lucia
Association of Caribbean Heads of Corrections and Prisons Services (ACHCPS) Conference and Business Meeting 2013

This year’s Conference and Business Meeting which is being hosted by the ACHCPS in conjunction with the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and the Jamaica Department of correctional Services in Kingston, Jamaica from June 16th to June 21st 2013 under the theme “Establishing Regional Correctional Standards: A Review of Policies, Procedures and Practices for Implementation”, affords you the unique opportunity to place your products and services directly into the hands of regional decision makers as important ingredients in their efforts to transform Caribbean Corrections into a success story.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your business to benefit from closer contact and relations with key decision makers in corrections, purchase one of our sponsorship packages and place yourself on a platform to deliver results.

Monday 17th

IDGA: Prison & Correctional Facilities West

Denver, Colorado, USA
17-19, June, 2013

The US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. There are approximately 117 federal prisons, 1200 state prisons, and 3,750 local detention/jail facilities in the US. Approximately 400,000 correctional professionals exist with an inmate population of 2.3 million on any given day. With new admissions, releases and transfers, almost 11 million inmates spend time in a correctional facility on an annual basis.

At this event high-end individuals from both, government and the industry, will be gathering to discuss the future needs of Corrections Facilities in the West. We will highlight key topics such as overcrowding, re-entry and recidivism, facility management and inmate reentry programs. Join us for this one of a kind event, and hear directly from those who are trying to implement these extensive changes to the prison system.

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