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January 2013

Friday 25th

DUTT - E-Justice and Cross-Border Resettlement

CISCO Office, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Final Transnational Conference of the EU-funded ‘Developing the Use of Technology in Cross Border Resettlement’ (DUTT) project.

The DUTT project, funded by the Directorate-General Justice, under the E-Justice Programme has been a two year collaborative project between London Probation Trust, the National Offender Management Service for England & Wales, Reclassering Nederland, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, the European Network for Probation (CEP) and the Latvian State Probation Service.

Within the context of the EU Framework Decisions 909 and 947, the aim of the DUTT project has been to study and evaluate the use of Video-Conferencing Technology (VCT) and Touch Screen Facilities (TSF) as a means of enhancing the cross-border resettlement of offenders between EU member states.

In addition, the project has been looking at the processes of transfer and identifying the roles of key agencies and stakeholders, in order to enhance the implementation of the EU Framework Decisions.

This final event will showcase the learning from this project and provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss with other member states some of the practical issues around the implementation of Framework Decision 909 and 947, in terms of cross-border transfers and resettlement.

Why attend?
By attending this conference you will get:

- An overview of the E-Justice initiative from the EU
- Information on the latest developments in Framework Decisions 909 & 947
- An understanding of how technology can be used in cross border resettlement
- Learning from the DUTT project outputs
- An opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and peers from other EU
- Inside access to a technically innovative hub (courtesy of CISCO)

Who should attend?
- Policy leads on Framework Decisions 909 & 94
- Project Managers on Framework Decisions 909 & 947
- Experts in Foreign Nationals
- Prison Governors and Officers
- Probation Chiefs and Officers
- Heads and Directors of ICT
- ICT Project Managers

The conference will take place at the CISCO Amsterdam Office, a hub for technical developments on Friday 25th January 2013. To register for the conference, please visit the events section on the CEP website ( Sign up to the online registration system and then follow the instructions for participant registration. The closing date for registration is 15th December 2012.