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November 2012

Thursday 8th

8th CEP Conference

Aronsborg Hotel, Balsta, Sweden
8th CEP Conference
Electronic Monitoring in Europe

The focus of the EM conference is to proceed towards a “gold standard” in the practice of Electronic Monitoring.

To many countries in Europe – though still not to all - electronic monitoring is no longer new. We have generated a great deal of experience, and undertaken a fair amount of research. CEP has devoted sustained attention to it, and the Council of Europe has signalled the kinds of regulation to which it should be subject.
So what, to date, has Europe come to think of as best practice in respect of electronic monitoring, and to what ideals does it still aspire? What are the “gold standards” we should pursue in respect of technology, service delivery, research and regulation? When necessary, Europe has learned about the possibilities and pitfalls of EM from other countries, but increasingly it is itself a touchstone for developments elsewhere. Not all uses of EM have been wise, and policy makers will sometimes seek the expedient rather than the best. Some people embrace the forms of EM we have now, but still fear where the technology might lead us.

In thinking about a “gold standard” for EM in all its aspects we should remember that it is not EM in itself that we are judging, but the contribution that EM could and should make to civilised and constructive criminal justice systems, which make only parsimonious use of imprisonment and which are as firmly committed to the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders as they are to public protection.

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Monday 19th

Radicalisation Awareness Network Conference

Vienna, Austria
The RAN Prison and Probation (P&P) working group is one of the eight thematic working groups of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), an EU-wide umbrella network which has been established by the European Commission to tackle radicalisation leading to terrorism and violent extremism. The RAN is meant to help practitioners and first liners to pool and exchange experiences, knowledge and good practices in the field of prevention. In addition, the RAN is meant to be a practical tool to help Member States in developing various aspects of the EU strategy and the Action Plan on
countering radicalisation and recruitment.

The target groups for membership of the RAN P&P are prison officials and probation workers from the middle and senior management who deal with radicalisation of people in prison or
under probation measures.The objectives of the 19-20 November kick off conference will be:
• To promote the RAN P&P and initiate a network;
• To explore the European landscape of Prison and Probation in relation to
radicalisation by terrorist or violent extremist organisations;
• To exchange lessons learnt;
• To identify possible future RAN P&P activities and members.