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June 2011

Wednesday 22nd

III Latin American Prison Seminar

Two years ago, Mexico organized the Mesoamerican Penitentiary Seminar in an effort to share strategies and explore promising practices being put forth by different Latin American prison services, in response to the growing prison population and the changing criminal profiles that have appeared as a consequence of transitional organized crime. Authorities from seven countries participated in the Seminar, which stressed the need to strengthen the ties between the region’s penitentiary authorities.

With that goal in mind, in October 2009, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), in its annual conference in Barbados held the Latin American Regional Seminar that focused on the issues and challenges faced by the region’s prison services. In 2010, the II Latin American Regional Seminar was organized by Argentina’s Federal Penitentiary Service.

As a continuation of this effort, the Government of Mexico, with the support of NAS-Mexico and sharing ICPA’s goals, has decided to organize the III Latin American Penitentiary Seminar. The purpose of this meeting is to establish a permanent dialogue regarding the region’s penitentiary needs, capabilities, challenges and solutions, as well as discussing the different paths to reform that have been taken. Through this ongoing dialogue, the region can learn from successful practices and strengthen the professionalization of the penitentiary services.

The seminar will take place June 22-24, 2011, in Mexico City. Mexico.

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Gabriela Centeozihuatl Perez Garcia

Friday 24th

Mission After Custody 6th Conference

Imperial Royal Hotel, Kampala, Uganda
Empowering Communities towards Crime Prevention, Recidivism Control and increasing acceptance of prisoners

Uganda Prison Service is characterized by lost opportunities, and increased re-offending which indirectly raises its budget.

Since the first black Commissioner General, late Fabiano Okware”s regime, the platform was laid to improve service delivery and involve prisoners in active service than ever before.

Uganda Prison Service has always been under funded leading to loss of direction from 1984-1995, although efforts are made by the current Commissioner General Dr. Johnson Byabasaijja to put them on the right track and increase the civil society participation in the rehabilitation process, the challenges still stand.

However, few institutions are providing after care services e.g. UDPAS, UPAF, plus individuals especially in the Central region.

The birth of MAC in March 2005 has identified and met the existing demanded services that have contributed greatly towards the rehabilitation of prisoners including the up country ones to achieve equity. Rehabilitation (of prisoners) benefits the prisoners plus the community indirectly if the skills acquired are appropriately used to avoid the slogan of “When prison is home and home is prison.”

The Organizers of this conference are fully aware of similar efforts that were brought forward by various groups and religious leaders during the conference held at Hotel Africana on the 10th -12th September 2009 and discussed justice, peace and reconciliation in the country. Although different stake holders including government made commitments to promote the said issues /activities, nothing could be achieved without the participation of victims. This made it difficult to implement the resolutions of that conference.

This conference in particular, is therefore to provide an opportunity of all stake holders to build on such initiatives and set a credible process of improving social relations and after care of prisoners, Co-existence of less crime and recidivism control.

Another point of discussion is division of labour in respect to the civil societies working with prison service (i.e. who is doing what, when, where or how)
It”s against the above background that the acquired skills from prison are utilized by the nation where MAC is with other stake holders e.g. UPS, UPF, UDPAS, UPAF, UPLS, FHRI, COPE, ACTV, APP, ARU, St. Franciscan, Uganda Paralegal Law Society and others to organize a national conference on social relations and after care of prisoners in Uganda. The said conference is being convened by his Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala (patron MAC) with the help of Mr. Morris Kizito Mukasa the Executive Director (MAC). It is expected to host over 500 (five hundred) participants from different parts of Uganda and other countries to reflect the challenges facing the rehabilitation of prisoners, re-integration and resettlement.

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