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December 2008

Friday 12th

ISPAC Conference

Courmayeur Mont Blanc, Italy
Organised crime in Art and Antiquities
12-14th December 2008

Within the vast panorama of initiatives for the protection of works of art and antiquities, ISPAC”s forthcoming Conference on “Organised crime in Art and Antiquities”, scheduled to take place in December 2008, in collaboration with the UNODC, will focus mainly on the role of organized crime in this sector.

The theft, trafficking and falsification of cultural property/heritage are illegal acts of a particularly complex nature, with international ramifications and significant economic consequences, in which organized criminal groups of various types and origins are often involved. The Conference will provide a forum in which academics and practitioners (enforcement agencies, museums), can get together and exchange ideas and forge partnerships with the objective of documenting, studying, curbing the more